Pupils to discover the art behind the science

17 July 2007

Art teachers and chemistry teachers will work together tomorrow in one location for the benefit of pupils from all over London. 

The unique event, organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, will reflect recent changes to the curriculum by which teachers are given the flexibility to teach across traditional subject boundaries. 

The fifty 13-year-old pupils will experience the artistic side of chemistry at the event being held jointly between the chemistry department at Imperial College, University College London and the Victoria and Albert museum. 

The event will look at the crossover between chemistry and art by looking at the creative side of science and the intrinsically beautiful and artistic nature of many chemical structures. 

They will build giant sculptures and molecular models to explore how small repeating units of atoms can make up the intricate and complex designs of minerals and crystals. 

The organisers aim to challenge traditional perceptions of chemistry and capture imaginations. Students and teachers will participate in a range of hands-on activities throughout the two days, as well as learning about many career opportunities that are linked to chemistry. 

With the aim of raising students' aspirations, this event will celebrate the exciting nature of chemistry as a subject, with dynamic young chemists on hand to answer questions about what it's really like to work and study in the area. 

Chemistry and Art is running as part of a much wider programme called Chemistry for our Future, a 3.6m project that is being managed by the Royal Society of Chemistry with the aim of ensuring a strong and sustainable future for the chemical sciences in the UK. 

This programme is working with students of all ages across London and aims to boost uptake of university chemistry from traditionally under-represented pupils. 

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