New formula for a science degree

20 November 2007

A groundbreaking new scheme by seven universities is providing opportunities to people who want a more flexible route to a science degree. It is a particularly attractive route for those without the traditional entry requirements, or who have considered doing a degree but were put off by the cost of full-time study.

The 2+2 scheme will enable chemistry and physics students to study two years part-time through supported open learning with The Open University (OU) and then complete their degree by studying two years full-time at one of six partner universities.

The full-time partners for chemistry are the universities of Loughborough; Nottingham Trent; Reading and Sheffield. Upon successful completion of the scheme, a BSc degree will be awarded by the full-time partner university. 
The new scheme aims to encourage more people into chemistry and physics, which are identified by the Government as strategically important subjects.

Students will be able to start the scheme by joining the OU with no formal qualifications. Progression to the full-time institution is conditional upon successful completion of their OU studies. 

Dr Hazel Rymer, Associate Dean of Science at The Open University, said students who join the scheme will begin by studying at home with support from OU tutors. "This means students can study when and where it suits them," she said. "We expect many students will be in full-time or part-time work while they study with The Open University."

Libby Steele, higher education manager of the Royal Society of Chemistry, said: "This new route is ideal for people without the usual entry qualifications and it will equip students to meet the opportunities and challenges of a career in these exciting sciences".

During their OU study students will maintain a link with their chosen full-time university by attending their open days and special events.

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