RSC applauds chemistry A-level performance

19 August 2010

Jim Iley, Director of Science and Education at the Royal Society of Chemistry, said today:

"We are delighted that an increasing number of students have taken both the A level and A/S level chemistry exams, especially as there has also been a slight increase in the overall market share of students studying chemistry. It is particularly pleasing that there continues to be almost equal numbers of female and male candidates.

"The opportunity for students to demonstrate a high level of achievement through the award of the A* grade, for which the numbers of chemistry students was above the overall average, shows that the subject attracts high calibre students.

"The chemical sciences are central to the economic prosperity of the UK, and they are absolutely essential to developing solutions to the challenges faced by society, whether they be associated with healthcare, energy generation, storage and supply, sustainable resources, food and nutrition, or water quality and supply.

"It is essential that this country excites and inspires a new generation of chemical scientists to explore the creative potential of the discipline."

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