Match rhetoric with investment, RSC tells Ed Miliband

28 September 2011

Ed Miliband is right to highlight scientists as wealth creators in his speech at the Labour Party Conference - now sustained investment is needed to support the economic growth science offers, the President of the Royal Society of Chemistry said today.

"It is encouraging to hear Mr Miliband recognises that the future health and wealth of this country depends strongly on science innovation," said Professor David Phillips. 

"Having established that fact he must promise to increase the health and wealth of the country's investment in science. With the current government's science budget seeing a 12-15% cut in real terms, it's vital for those who understand the UK's dependence on science excellence to match their rhetoric with funding. 

"Over 20% of the country's GDP is reliant on chemical science research. It makes economic sense to increase science funding and promote growth through high-tech British industries. 

"As a real statement of intent, we would ask Mr Miliband to commit to restoring the science research and capital budgets in real terms - the only way to assure the wealth creation he recognises." 

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