Royal honeymooners should avoid lettuce and green salads

26 April 2011

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is passing on to the Royal honeymooners a plateful of dietary love tips, prepared by husband-and-wife science team Rolf and Gabriele Froböse, authors of  the big-selling RSC book "Lust and Love: is it more than Chemistry?" 


"Lovers should start with coffee which has been perfumed with cardamom and honey," they told the RSC. "Hot chocolate would also be wise, as it contains the happiness-inducing hormone phenyl-ethylamine.
"Eggs and tomatoes spiced with Tabasco would be perfect. Eggs contain much cholesterol. In moderate amounts this is good for the nerve cells in order to produce the various kinds of hormones and neurotransmitters. Tomatoes contain 13 vitamins and 17 mineral supplements. This is good for fitness."


Lamb stew with safflower.

"In ancient Greece lovers enjoyed this to enhance their libido. Lamb stew with safflower: lamb contains much iron and zinc and thus improves the composition of the blood. Safflower contains carotenoids.
The later ones stimulate the production of sex hormones. In both the high amount of zinc acts as a stimulant. This mineral supplement enhances the production of spermatozoa, testosterone and feminine mucus."


Oysters and Lobster Thermidor: "Oysters are symbols of eroticism. Lobsters together with champagne are the start for an unforgettable evening. Lovers should have a glass of champagne together with oysters or before enjoying the oysters. It could also be a Kir Royal (Kir Royal is a special recipe: champagne together with a slight amount of cassis, blackcurrant liquor). Together with the Lobster Thermidor they should also have either white wine or blush wine (which we would prefer) from a country of their preference."

Best chocolate for lust and love

"Bitter chocolate (dark) would be the best one as it contains a high amount of happiness-inducing hormones including serotonin."


Champagne, beer or wine to your taste but not too much of it.

"Liquors contain a huge amount of alcohol. Thus they will make lovers sleepy rather than anything else"

Things to avoid

Too much alcohol.

Nicotine - narrows the arteries

"Lettuce and all green salads are anti-aphrodisiacs. They contain ingredients which are related to valerian. The latter one acts as a lust-reducer."

"Please, no cucumbers, no chicory."

How much to eat?

"They shouldn't eat too much. It makes you tired as the stomach is busy digesting the food. A French menu (small portions, this is always the case in France) or just one main course (perhaps a dessert afterwards). French people tend to drink a very strong black coffee in a small cup or a digestive for a good digestion. The coffee perhaps, also, to stay awake."

When to eat

Breakfast: 9.00am
Lunch 1.00pm
Dinner: 7.00pm 
Brunch: 11.00am
Dinner: 8.00pm

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