Royal Society of Chemistry launches e-membership

30 August 2011

The Royal Society of Chemistry today launches e-membership, an all-inclusive way to access MyRSC, online RSC networks and an electronic version of Chemistry World, via the professional networking site.

Anyone can now enjoy the benefits of e-membership for 20 a year. 

Through e-membership, the RSC hopes to engage with a wide range of chemical scientists and other interested individuals across the globe. Although e-membership is not a formal category of membership the benefits associated with the product have a global appeal and offer access to special interest groups, RSC networks and high quality Chemistry World content covering cutting edge research, international business news and government policy as it affects the chemical science community.

Many may already be members of another chemical society in their home country, but through e-membership they will benefit from the high quality Chemistry World content and the networking opportunities offered from MyRSC, which now has more than 11,000 users.

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