RSC applauds call for capital investment in science

09 November 2012

The Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry welcomed Chancellor George Osborne's speech today on making the UK the best place in the world to do science. 

During his speech at the Royal Society, the Chancellor announced the Research Councils UK (RCUK) Strategic Framework for Capital Investment.

Dr Robert Parker said: "The UK has a proud record of achievement in science; it is one of our great strengths. In previous decades, investment in science has driven a thriving research community with a global reputation for excellence, but for the UK to remain world-leading and to drive economic growth we need stable, sustained funding for scientific research going forward.

"The RSC applauds RCUK's call for capital investment in science, outlined in this framework. To attract and retain the world's best researchers we need to be able to provide top of the range research facilities and equipment. This was highlighted in the RSC's response to RCUK's Capital Investment Roadmap Consultation earlier this year.

"To that end, the recent announcement by the EPSRC of funding of up to 15 million to enhance the capability for chemistry research in the UK, through grants to build capacity in core experimental techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry, is very welcome.

"Science has a critical role to play in the UK's economic recovery. This framework outlines a number of major research challenges where the UK has either an international lead, or is poised to take this position. Many of these challenges, such as food and water security, health and energy are aligned with the global challenges outlined in the RSC's roadmap, Chemistry for Tomorrow's World. 

"Chemistry research will be key in overcoming these challenges, but these are not short-term problems. Long-term thinking to establish stable, sustained investment for science is vital for the UK's economic and societal wellbeing."  

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