Vision and strategy

Our vision

To become "the leading voice and trusted partner for science and humanity". Underneath these mission and vision statements are five strategic priorities to shape our aims and activities, the key impacts of which are listed below.

Our mission

To 'advance excellence in the chemical sciences'.

Our Royal Charter

Everything we do is governed by our Royal Charter.

  • to foster and encourage the growth and application of [chemical] science by the dissemination of chemical knowledge
  • to establish, uphold and advance the standards of qualification, competence and conduct of those who practise chemistry as a profession
  • to serve the public interest by acting in an advisory, consultative or representative capacity in matters relating to the science and practice of chemistry; and
  • to advance the aims and objectives of members of the Society so far as they relate to the advancement of the science or practice of chemistry. 

Our strategy

Our five strategic priorities shape our aims and activities:

  • Member Engagement - to recognise the importance of members at the heart of the Royal Society of Chemistry 

  • Skills - to develop and cultivate skills and talent in the chemical sciences at all levels 

  • Knowledge - to provide global authority on behalf of the chemical sciences 

  • Community - to strengthen the voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry community 

  • Organisational Strength - to ensure the long-term delivery of our Charter objectives

Charter & By-Laws

The original Charter was granted in 1848.

Contact and Further Information

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Executive Director, Communications, Policy and Campaigns
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