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‘Great outcome’ for chemistry in REF 2014

19 December 2014  News and Analysis

Results show overall improvement in research quality


Biodiesel byproduct rejuvenated into plastic feedstock

19 December 2014 Research

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Cascade process generates lactic acid from waste glycerol

UK science strategy leaves many questions unanswered

18 December 2014 News and Analysis

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Document contains no commitment to continue science ringfence or increase R&D spending

Catching water with imitation beetle bumps

18 December 2014 Research

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Inkjet printing crafts a superhydrophobic surface that mimics the fog harvesting ability of the Namib Desert beetle

US National Academies urges postdoctoral reforms  

Postdoctoral students are paid too little and have poor employment opportunities, a Nation...

Chemical camouflage helps fish hide from predators  

First time a vertebrate has been seen to evade predators by smelling like its habitat

Antimicrobial resistance will kill 300 million by 2050 without action  

UK report says resistance will cost global economy $100 trillion

From nutshell to supercapattery  

Hybrid sodium ion capacitor that costs peanuts rivals lithium ion equivalent

Can research quality be predicted by metrics?  

Prognostications unveiled for how UK universities will fare in latest assessment exercise

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Fermenting ideas

10 December 2014 Feature

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21st century cider owes a lot to modern knowhow in managing fermentation and balancing flavour. Andy Extance immerses himself...

Boom!  Premium content

High-energy compounds are needed to create more powerful and safer explosives. Sarah Hoult...

Let the molecules do the talking  

Using molecules rather than electronics or optics to send messages sounds far-fetched, but...

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Critical Point

A bad business

Targets and assessments can boost productivity at universities – but only if they do not stifle creativity and alienate the academic workforce, says Mark Peplow


Reflections on the REF

Richard Catlow and Graham Hutchings evaluate the state of chemistry research and find it enjoying rude health

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