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Rigid molecular wires make electrons fly

29 August 2014  Research

Organic wires conduct electrons 800 times faster than other molecular counterparts by hitching a ride on a vibrational wave


Roche to buy InterMune for respiratory boost

29 August 2014 Business

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$8.3bn deal gives Roche a leading position in pulmonary fibrosis

Concerns over chemical treatment of reclaimed fracking fluid

29 August 2014 Research

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Current recycling procedure may do more harm than good

DuPont settles pollution charges for $1.3m

28 August 2014 Business

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Allegations relate to eight hazardous chemical leaks in West Virginia between 2006 and 2010

Illuminating test measures fat in milk  

Fluorescent probe has much to offer the dairy industry

Cost of scientific misconduct smaller than feared  

Analysis puts a price on misconduct for US funder and claims it only comes to $58 million ...

Clinical collaborations drive cancer immunotherapy  

Companies race to pair up chemotherapy drugs with immune system-boosting antibodies to gre...

Ionic liquids join battle against antibiotic resistance  

Organic salts disrupt biofilms to leave resistant bacteria at the mercy of antibiotics

Fluorinating new life into an increasingly ineffective antibiotic  

Aminoglycoside analogue evades bacterial resistance mechanism

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Unpicking natural product synthesis

28 August 2014 Premium contentFeature

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Is total synthesis in danger of a decline? Nina Notman investigates

Life in the freeze frame  Premium content

Using x-rays to probe biological molecules has revolutionised science. Clare Sansom looks ...

The power of perovskites  Premium content

Andy Extance finds out how the efficiency of perovskite solar cells has risen so quickly

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Critical Point

The trouble with boycotts

Cutting academic ties with a censured state can do more harm than good, says Mark Peplow

Organic Matter

Trekking across chemical frontiers

You can’t shake a 1000 gallon reactor, says Chemjobber, so plant-scale hydrogenation is a challenge of phase boundaries

In the Pipeline

Death of a reagent

Fashion and progress combine to mean some reactions and reagents persist, while others fall by the wayside, says Derek Lowe