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Actavis rescues Allergan with $66 billion deal

24 November 2014  Business

Deal ends takeover fight with Valeant – but Actavis must still be ‘fairly ruthless’ to justify the high price


Syngenta to cut or relocate 1800 jobs in 2015

26 November 2014 Business

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Global reorganisation plan will involve ‘consolidation’ of R&D facilities

UCB sells speciality generics subsidiary

26 November 2014 Business

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Firm will use $1.5bn proceeds to reduce debt and concentrate on developing new drugs in neurology and immunology

Gates Foundation champions open access

26 November 2014 News and Analysis

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will require research it funds to be published open access from next year

Seeing glucose through the skin  

Technique could one day allow diabetics to manage their condition without drawing blood

US approves low acrylamide spud  

The first genetically modified potato that produces less acrylamide has been granted appro...

Benchtop NMR gives feedback in flow  

Another step closer to dial-a-molecule reactors

Nanomolar chemistry enables 1500 experiments in a single day  

High throughput method could speed drug discovery and cut down use of costly compounds

Crustacean culprit turns lakes to jelly  

Acid rain leaching calcium from Canadian water courses leads to a surge in jelly-covered o...

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From oil to chemicals

29 October 2014 Premium contentFeature

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After decades of exporting oil, Saudi Arabia is looking to increase its capacity to produce chemicals. Emma Davies reports

Harvesting heat  Premium content

Philip Ball looks at the materials that harness waste heat and turn it into useful energy

Microbial miners  Premium content

Jon Evans discovers the microbes hard at work on our behalf, extracting valuable metals fr...

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Good science, bad science?

Paul Leonard is concerned by industry's exclusion from policy panels – it’s the science that matters, not who pays for it


Public health is the bottom line

To safeguard society, regulators must be free from the influence of industry interests, says Martin Pigeon


An interdisciplinary celebration

This year’s Nobel prize in chemistry is a classic tale of beating impossible odds and the laws of physics