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3 July 2015  News and Analysis

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Scientist imprisoned over fraudulent HIV vaccine research

6 July 2015 News and Analysis

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Former Iowa State University researcher gets four-and-a-half years in prison for faking vaccine research funded by the NIH

Committee will pick Europe’s new scientific advisers

6 July 2015 News and Analysis

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Three experts in science and EU policy will help choose the European commission’s panel of seven scientific advisors

Novel compounds make light work of trapping carbon dioxide

6 July 2015 Research

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Azobenzene compounds can reversibly switch between crystalline and amorphous states to capture gases

From chip fat to biofuel  

Solvent-free synthesis converts fatty acids into diesel replacement

BP emerges from Deepwater with $18.7bn settlement  

BP has agreed to pay an $18.7 billion settlement to five states damaged by the Deepwater H...

Job cuts at Allergan and Transgene  

Allergan is shedding 300 staff at former Actavis site in Iceland, while Transgene is closi...

New Horizons detects methane on Pluto  

Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft makes its first detection of methane on Pluto

Fluorescent protein spectrum shunted by single hydrogen bond  

Be aware – subtle changes can drastically influence the luminescent properties of biolog...

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Getting the measure of Mars

3 July 2015 Feature

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Sophisticated analytical chemistry is studying our neighbouring planet, as Andy Extance discovers

Organic odysseys  

Andy Extance looks at two drugs that cranked the synthetic challenge all the way up to Hal...

Elemental exhibits  Premium content

Now forgotten but for a few dusty displays in foyers, chemical museums were once important...

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