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Electrostatic net kills resistant mosquitoes

1 September 2015  Research

A new coating for insecticide-treated mosquito nets could help tackle malaria and dengue fever


Shrinking hydrogel reinforces fabric for soft yet strong material

2 September 2015 Research

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Prosthetics, tear-resistant gloves and bulletproof vests could benefit from polyampholyte gel and glass fibre combo

FDA takes action to remove biosimilars roadblock

1 September 2015 Business

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The US Food and Drug Administration proposes system to name biosimilar drugs

Smorgasbord of chemical blueprints located in plain pond algae

1 September 2015 Research

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Transcriptome sequencing reveals Euglena’s unexpected metabolic capabilities

MOFs with a heart of glass  

Chemists forge designer glasses from molten frameworks

Neonicotinoids present in many US streams  

Persistent but low-level contamination prompts calls for further research on aquatic impac...

Synthetic stomach membrane to minimise animal tests  

Researchers strive to replace lab animals with hydrogel models

Worker bees ‘chemically castrated’ through diet  

Phytochemicals in food control honey bee larvae’s future role in the hive

‘Fire fountain’ data illuminate lunar history  

Volatile element details promise to ignite research into Moon’s origin and evolution

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Agatha Christie, the queen of crime chemistry

28 August 2015 Feature

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Kathryn Harkup looks at how Agatha Christie used her chemical training in her detective novels

Who reviews the reviews?  Premium content

Nina Notman investigates the new alternatives being developed to replace peer review as we...

Exploiting the data mine  

Chemists must embrace open data to allow us to collectively get the best out of the masses...

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The postdoc problem: too many, or the wrong kind?

Are concerns about postdoc proliferation valid? Maybe we just need to make their training more diverse, suggests Keith Micoli

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A risky business

Graduate research is likely the most risky time of a chemist’s career, says Derek Lowe