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UCLA spent $4.5 million on legal costs in Sangji case

20 October 2014  News and Analysis

University defends spending in case brought against chemistry professor, highlighting $20 million investment in lab safety


Making light of food allergies

20 October 2014 Research

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Pulsed light treatment improves protein digestibility whilst retaining functionality

AbbVie backs out of Shire deal

17 October 2014 Business

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Treasury rule changes make inversion ‘too uncertain’ and remove financial benefits

European scientists rally to protest jobs and funding crisis

17 October 2014 News and Analysis

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Marchs across the continent aim to raise the plight of research and emphasise its economic importance

Indian manufacturers hit back over quality claims  

Study showing drugs exported to Africa are substandard prompts backlash from generic drugm...

Hungary’s rivers in recovery after red mud disaster  

Long term contamination of river system after industrial spill successfully prevented by e...

Science roadmap for next parliament unveiled  

UK Campaign for Science and Engineering wants funding to match US levels and VAT exemption...

Cannabis chemists look for professional recognition  

The American Chemical Society is being petitioned to form a division to help develop stand...

Bio-based chemicals on the rise in US  

Government predicts 10% of chemicals market will be renewable by 2015

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Transparency measures forced on pharma

30 September 2014 Feature

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Previous misdemeanours are compelling the pharmaceutical industry to be more open with financial information and clinical dat...

Pepping up antibiotics  Premium content

Industry and academia are turning to antimicrobial peptides to find new antibiotics, Andy ...

The molecules that make memory  Premium content

The chemistry of making – and losing – memories is increasingly well understood, as Ra...

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Not all science is created equal

John Ioannidis explains why researchers should be curious about the differences between disciplines


An escape plan

Karin Bodewits suggests that academia’s chairs might hold more women if they have a clear view of the exit

Organic Matter

Twisting activity from amides

When amides get out of shape, a whole new world of asymmetric aldol reactions opens up, says Karl Collins