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Women twice as likely to be hired for academic posts as men

17 April 2015  News and Analysis

Experiment shows that faculty staff are more likely to pick women for job roles based on hypothetical CVs


Ionic liquids come up smelling of roses

16 April 2015 Research

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Perfume delivery system triggered by water keeps sweet smells around for longer

Early Earth collision could clear up two geological mysteries

16 April 2015 Research

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Smash-up with Mercury-like body could have ignited nuclear dynamo at Earth's centre and explain isotope discrepancy

Hydrogel with a basic instinct for drug delivery

15 April 2015 Research

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Gel that releases naproxen in alkaline surroundings is promising step toward relieving drug’s side effects

Science remains a peripheral issue in the UK election  

As one of the most unpredictable votes in living memory approaches little separates the ma...

Making fracking greener  

A chemically-responsive non-toxic fracturing fluid that generates its own overpressure

Chemicals formed on meteorites may have started life on Earth  

Simple chemical turned in DNA bases and other precursors to life on simulated meteorite su...

Generics giant Mylan offers $30 billion for Perrigo  

Mylan makes ambitious takeover offer just weeks after Abbott aquisition closes

Single-face fluorinated carbon ring takes the strain  

Hexafluorocyclohexane created with all fluorines pointing 'up' could lead to new supramole...

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Crossing the valley of death

17 April 2015 Premium contentFeature

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Katrina Krämer examines efforts to bridge the gap between university research and commercial products

Big problems with little particles?  

There is a risk that poor toxicology studies could start undermining the success of nanoma...

Is all matter made of just one element?  Premium content

William Prout’s answer to this perennial question launched two centuries of controversy....

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