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Scientists left unimpressed by Indian budget

6 March 2015  News and Analysis

7.5% funding boost for science and technology fails to offset cuts of more than 20% last year


US universities back new bill to curb patent trolls

6 March 2015 News and Analysis

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Academic research community endorses competing legislation as harmless to university tech transfer

US health agencies expands open access policy

6 March 2015 News and Analysis

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Move will add 110,000 new papers to PubMed every year

Phone camera checks water for arsenic

6 March 2015 Research

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Quantum dot system overcomes selectivity hurdles

‘Pee power’ urinal trialled on university campus  

Microbial fuel cells that run on urine could be used to light toilet blocks in refugee cam...

Light that’s invisible to plants  

Habitat-conscious phosphor for outdoor illumination

Forgotten synthetic PhD theses set to be given new lease of life  

Chemical structures will be harvested from graduate work and analysed for promising drug a...

Butterfly population collapse prompts lawsuit against EPA  

US agency criticised for failing to investigate link between glyphosate and the dwindling ...

Tough self-cleaning coating sticks it to stains  

Superhydrophobic 'paint' can be sprayed or dip-coated onto cotton, glass and metal and sur...

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Alchemy on the page

5 March 2015 Feature

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Books used by alchemists offer insights into the relationship between these early chemists and their texts. Philip Ball inves...

Learning from the masters  

By unpicking how cephalopods change their looks to match their environment, researchers ar...

The enzyme hunters  Premium content

Novozymes is scouring the world for enzymes that make industrial processes more sustainabl...

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