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Probing molecules atom by atom

1 October 2014  Research

New NMR technique allows ultra-high-resolution of individual molecules


J&J to buy antiviral specialist Alios

1 October 2014 Business

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$1.75 billion deal brings Phase II compounds for hepatitis C and respiratory syncytial virus

Dow’s $1bn price-fixing fine upheld

1 October 2014 Business

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Firm loses its appeal against damages for fixing polyurethane prices

Researcher imprisoned for poisoning ex-lover

1 October 2014 News and Analysis

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Renowned cancer researcher gets 10 years in prison for using antifreeze chemical ethylene glycol as a deadly weapon

Microfluidics for the masses  

Lego-like components allow straightforward assembly of modular microfluidic circuits

Viruses melt ‘glassy’ DNA  

Researchers have shown how viruses liquefy their own DNA ready to inject into host cells

Nitrogen dioxide and ozone: a sinister synergy  

New insight into the mechanisms by which nitrogen dioxide and ozone damage the human respi...

Lumara splits and sells to AMAG and Perrigo  

Lumara has just emerged from bankruptcy and brings a drug for suppressing pre-term birth, ...

Mitsubishi to buy Japanese gases specialist  

Taiyo Nippon Sanso acquisition continues consolidation in Japan’s chemical industry

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Transparency measures forced on pharma

30 September 2014 Feature

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Previous misdemeanours are compelling the pharmaceutical industry to be more open with financial information and clinical dat...

Pepping up antibiotics  Premium content

Industry and academia are turning to antimicrobial peptides to find new antibiotics, Andy ...

The molecules that make memory  Premium content

The chemistry of making – and losing – memories is increasingly well understood, as Ra...

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Organic Matter

Twisting activity from amides

When amides get out of shape, a whole new world of asymmetric aldol reactions opens up, says Karl Collins


Carl Djerassi - chemistry and theatre

Carl Djerassi explains his move from distinguished chemist to 'intellectual smuggler'

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Garbage in, garbage out

The rise of low-quality and predatory open access journals and conferences worries Derek Lowe