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Billion dollar package unveiled to fight antibiotic resistance

30 January 2015  News and Analysis

President Obama wants to almost double US funding to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria in 2016


Myriad calls a ceasefire in court battle over cancer gene tests

30 January 2015 News and Analysis

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US biotech firm settles patent lawsuits involving BRCA gene tests, agrees to dismiss claims against several labs

Thin film approach to biocatalysis

30 January 2015 Research

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Researchers say consider enzymes from the start to broaden industrial applications of nature's catalysts

A sticky way to inspect self-cleaning glass

30 January 2015 Research

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Reusable colour-changing label checks if photocatalytic self-cleaning glass is working

Chemistry Nobel laureate Yves Chauvin dies aged 84  

Catalysis chemist unravelled how olefin metathesis reactions took place paving the way for...

Ebola vaccine shown to be safe in humans  

GlaxoSmithKline vaccine will now be trialled in Liberia

Probe into price fixing at Russian universities  

Fees have soared by more than 25% this year at some universities

Graphene looks to doped superbenzene to overcome electronic hurdles  

Carefully designed jigsaw pieces may provide solution to graphene bandgap difficulties

Roche chases bolt-on acquisitions as it pushes into genomics  

Company’s recent shopping spree aims to harness genome sequencing to advance personalise...

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Explosive chemistry

29 January 2015 Premium contentFeature

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The Forensic Explosives Laboratory supports police investigations into unlawful use of explosives. Philip Robinson reports fr...

DNA gets with the program  Premium content

Molecular computing systems could improve disease diagnosis – and even hack living cells...

Mapping the mosquito  Premium content

Uncovering how mosquitoes sniff out their human victims may lead to new tools to conquer m...

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