6th International Symposium on Macrocylic and Supramolecular Chemistry, 3 - 7 July 2011, Brighton, UK

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350 delegates attended the 6-ISMSC conference held from 3-7 July 2011 at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

6-ISMSC Conference Photograph

(For a large version of this photograph, download the pdf from this page). 

There were 4 plenary lectures, 33 keynote talks, 11 contributed lectures, 12 flash poster presentations and 250 poster presentations.

Background Information

The International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (ISMSC) was born out of two earlier series of meetings, the International Symposia on Macrocyclic Chemistry (ISMC) and the International Symposia on Supramolecular Chemistry (ISSC). 

The ISMC series began in 1977, in Provo, Utah. It was founded by Reed M. Izatt and James J. Christensen. The ISSC series began in 1980, in Warsaw, Poland and was run every other year from then onwards. In 2006, the two meetings joined for a combined conference in Victoria, Canada. After this initial joint venture, the two meetings have been held together each year under the International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (ISMSC) heading, in a different nation each time. 

The 6th International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (6-ISMSC) covered all aspects of macrocyclic and supramolecular chemistry, bridging the traditional core areas of chemistry and interface with biological, nanotechnological and materials arenas. 

6-ISMSC Scientific Committee

Professor Philip Gale (University of Southampton, UK)  (Chair)
Professor Paul Beer (University of Oxford, UK)
Dr Peter Cragg (University of Brighton, UK)
Dr Nicholas Fletcher (Queen's University Belfast, UK)
Professor Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Dr Michaele Hardie (University of Leeds, UK)
Professor Jeremy Kilburn (University of Southampton, UK)
Professor David Leigh (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Professor David Smith (University of York, UK)
Professor Jonathan Steed (Durham University, UK)
Dr James Tucker (University of Birmingham, UK)
Professor Michael Ward (University of Sheffield, UK)

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6-ISMSC Conference Photograph
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