The Emerging Model for Medicines Research

7 November 2011 
Chemistry Centre, Burlington House, London, United Kingdom


The precompetitive knowledge transfer workshops are part of the RSC's 'Pharma' initiative to support medicines and healthcare research. 

This third workshop, entitled Healthcare Innovation in the UK: The Emerging Model for Medicines Research,  followed on the back of two highly successful workshops on reducing attrition and developing collaborations.  


The presentations are available for download. 

There was a poster session which provided an opportunity for scientists engaged in medicines research to share their experiences and perspectives on precompetitive collaboration models and the Centre of Excellence.

A key deliverable from the meeting was a coherent set of key messages for Government and Funding Bodies on what is required from them to make this model a reality and, as a consequence, maintain the UK's leadership in medicines research through the 21st Century.

Objectives and outcomes

The main objective of the workshop was to bring together a diverse and influential audience to discuss the Healthcare Innovation action plan - a new, sustainable and holistic model for medicines research that recognises the critical importance of expert medicinal chemists working alongside disease specialists in Centres of Excellence to discover new and effective therapies.


Workshop participants were drawn from a range of backgrounds. These included:

  • Industrial researchers (large pharma, SMEs, biotechs, CROs)
  • Academic scientists; e.g. medicinal chemists; researchers in cross-disciplinary groups working on target validation, tool identification, clinical probes, hit discovery, hit/lead optimisation
  • Key stakeholders e.g. government departments, funding councils, knowledge transfer organisations, knowledge transfer networks, research charities, sector skills councils, professional bodies


Download the presentations

Downloadable Files

David Fox, Royal Society of Chemistry
PDF iconPDF (618k)  

The Centre of Excellence model in practice: Opportunities and Challenges
Cathy Tralau-Stewart FRSC, Head of Drug Discovery, Imperial College, London
PDF iconPDF (1088k)  

Thoughts on a National Compound Bank
Paul Wyatt, Drug Discovery Unit, University of Dundee
PDF iconPDF (402k)  

Supporting Innovation through Collaboration
Chris Watkins, Head, Translation Research and Industry Liaison, Medical Research Council
PDF iconPDF (641k)  

Concept to Commercialisation
Zahid Latif, Head of Healthcare, Technology Strategy Board
PDF iconPDF (596k)  

NIHR and Translation Research Partnerships
Dr Louise Wood, Department of Health, R&D Directorate
PDF iconPDF (1531k)  

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