Practical Chemistry

Practical chemistry
A comprehensive website full of experiments and demonstrations to use in your teaching.

Easy-to-search practical work from:

Royal Society of Chemistry ; Nuffield Foundation ; Salters' Institute        

Descriptions of experiments sufficiently detailed that they will work in any school laboratory. Notes on teaching and learning included.

Chemistry teachers will find a wide range of experiments to:

  • illustrate concepts or processes
  • act as starting points for investigations
  • provide ideas for enhancement activities such as club or open day events          

Also share your skills and experiences of making experiments work in the classroom.

Plus! There's lots of helpful information for technicians too!

Video Clips

Downloadable clips produced by Teachers TV in association with the RSC

Demonstration Videos

Accompanying notes from Classic Chemistry Demonstrations are provided for the demonstration videos

Making Measurements and Manipulating Experimental Results

A useful guide for experimental chemistry

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