The Royal Society of Chemistry is the largest non-government supporter of chemistry education in the UK.  Our activities encompass lifelong learning, including formal and informal education, and are grouped into three key areas: schools and colleges, higher education and continuing professional development.

Learn Chemistry: Resources supporting the learning and teaching of chemistry

Learn Chemistry

Teaching resources

Resources for Teachers

Access Learn Chemistry for hundreds of mixed media resources to support your teaching across chemical topics and contexts

Chemistry Students

Resources for Students

Explore Learn Chemistry to find hundreds of resources to help you learn about the fundamentals and applications of chemistry

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Learn Chemistry Partnership

Discover how to connect your school with the world's leading chemistry community for free to bring chemistry to life in your classroom

From RSC Education

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Supporting chemistry and chemical science education at all levels

Teacher Training - 1

RSC Teacher Training Scholarships

25,000 RSC bursary to become a chemistry teacher

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CPD for Teachers

We can assist you in your career development as a teacher. Information on our courses and events for specialist and non-specialist chemistry teachers

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Events and Competitions

Find out about the exciting events and competitions the RSC run for students of all ages and abilities.

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Outreach for Schools

A summary of outreach activities which the RSC can be run for your school or packs which can be downloaded for your own use within school.

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Education Coordinators

Contact a Regional Coordinator in your area to find out more about local RSC educational activities

Explore your future

A future in chemistry

Careers information for school students, parents teachers and careers advisers

Chemistry Students

Materials for the Classroom

Posters, Periodic Tables and careers materials available for order or download.

Higher Education


Higher Education on Learn Chemistry

View our new Higher Education area on Learn Chemistry providing key information for Higher Education students and tutors

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Information for Lecturers

View the wide range of RSC publications and resources to support chemical science lecturers

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Information for HE Students and Postdocs

Tailored information, resources and support for students and postdocs

Useful Information

Science Teaching in Schools

Funding and Awards

Information about RSC Education funding and awards which are available to schools and teachers within the UK.

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Education Policy

Find out how the RSC seeks to influence education policy within the UK as the professional body for chemistry and as part of SCORE.

Education in Chemistry

Education in Chemistry

Providing support for all teachers of chemistry across secondary, further and higher education sectors

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Statistics of Chemistry Education

Statistics relating to chemistry education, including the numbers of students with chemistry qualifications, destinations of chemistry graduates and more.