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Art of crystallisation
Art of crystallisation
All you need for taking part in the Global...
Chemistry of art
Chemistry of art
A collection of resources highlighting the role of...
A Future in Chemistry
A Future in Chemistry
Our careers site will give you what you need to make...
Chemistry in Sport
Chemistry in Sport
Access educational resources exploring the role...
Quantitative chemistry
Quantitative chemistry
Try out our quantitative chemistry teacher CPD...
Chemistry simulations
Chemistry simulations
Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of...
Learn Chemistry Partnership is a free programme...
RSC membership
RSC membership
See the benefits of Royal Society of Chemistry...
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cpd for teachers CPD for teachers The Royal Society of Chemistry can support you throughout your teaching career with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.
education in chemistry

Education in Chemistry

Content, tools, resources, and best practice for teachers of chemistry, from Education in Chemistry magazine. 50 years old in 2013!

talk chemistry

Talk Chemistry

Forum for those teaching the chemical sciences. Here you can share resources, tips, and discuss anything which may be of interest.

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a future in chemistry A Future in Chemistry Our careers site will give you what you need to make informed choices and feel confident about your future.          

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he resources HE Resources This Higher Education Learn Chemistry resources section features downloads, links, and information related to Higher Education chemistry teaching. They are designed to be suitable for any relevant course.

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chemistry world

Chemistry World

Global cutting-edge research, business news, and policy from Chemistry World magazine.

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Outreach Fund - Half-baked ideas welcome
Elementary Articles, 29 Aug 2014
Do you run an after-school science club? Have you got an idea that will engage people with the chemical... Update from the Global Experiment 2014
Elementary Articles, 22 Aug 2014
The Global Experiment 2014: the art of crystallisation is proving a real success. But credit for this success...


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Re: Crystals from grey rock and acetic acid

Hi Keith Sometimes called popcorn rocks or snowy rocks, I think what essentially is happening when you add the vinegar is that white aragonite crystals (the second most common polymorph of calcium carbonate; the first one being calcite) are growing on the grey dolomite rocks which contain other minerals especifically magnesium carbonate. The acid reacts mainly with the magnesium carbonate leaving behind the calcium carbonate aragonite white crystals together with some deposition of other salts as a result of efflorescence. Depending on room temperature and humidity you should be able to see the white crystals after approx. one week. For more info see the attached document. Hope this helps, Andres

Re: Book

Dear Sue, I am more than happy to give you the rest of the books, minus the three books that Danilo has asked for. Since you live in London that's even better for me! Add me as a contact and let me know the address details to confirm the cost of postage etc.  If you let me know before Thursday 4th, I'll be able to have them delivered to you in time for the new year and term -just about.  Regards, Janelle Prime.