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The range of help provided by the Benevolent Fund has grown over the years. Whilst awarding financial assistance to members remains an important part of its work, the Fund's scope has increasingly encompassed a more holistic approach to helping RSC members and their immediate family who are in need.

The Benevolent Fund's Priorities

  • Immediate financial help to members or dependants who have suddenly hit hard times through personal or family illness, job loss or misfortune. 
  • Maximising a beneficiary's income through assistance in claiming state benefits and helping those with debts to reduce payments.
  • Guidance and practical help on where to get higher and regular levels of support and representation where appropriate e.g. Department of Work and Pensions Tribunals, Health Tribunals.
  • Supporting beneficiaries who are in need of long-term help through illness.
  • On going support to enable people to become self sufficient.
  • Helping beneficiaries to maintain their interest in the chemical sciences.
  • Moral support to members and families who need colleague support rather than money.


Learn more about on how the Fund was started, how it has changed over time and how it is modernising to adapt to the 21st century. 

History of the Benevolent Fund

Information on how the Fund has developed since 1920.

Benevolent Fund Grants Committee

  • The Benevolent Fund is led by the Benevolent Fund Grants Committee which meets four times a year. 
  • The Committee are responsible for reviewing all applications for financial assistance at these quarterly meetings. 
  • The Committee members are volunteers, all are members of the RSC and some are members of the RSC Council.

Benevolent Fund Grants Committee

To consider and advise the Membership and Qualifications Board (MQB) on all matters relating to the Benevolent Fund that are used to support the Fund's beneficiaries and activities...

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