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Past ChemNet events

We run a variety of university and industry hands-on events for 14-18 year-olds all over the UK. So wherever you are and whatever you're into there is an event for you.

Past events include:

  • A fireworks event at Wycliffe College, where the chemistry of a firework was explained along with which chemicals give rise to the specific colours. All of which was followed by a fantastic fireworks display.
  • Discovery of the archaeological techniques used to preservce the Mary Rose ship. Students had a chance to take part in experiments, view the museum and ship, and understand the role of chemistry in this conservation process.
  • A nuclear power plant tour at Hinkley Point. This showcased the chemistry used for energy transformations from nuclear sources to providing electricity for your home, as well as the safety aspects to working with nuclear fuels.
  • Flavour sensation at Omega Ingredients. Students had the opportunity to go into an industrial lab and gain an insight into the variety of work of a flavour chemist. They created and tested their own flavours by making and tasting yoghurt, as well as having a tour of the facilities.

Forthcoming ChemNet Events

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