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The RSC Divisions and Interest Groups play an important role in contributing to the many RSC activities in support of the chemical sciences.

The RSC has nine Divisions, which cover nine broad fields and aspects of chemistry. These support the development, research and education and training in their respective field of the chemical sciences and provide regular feedback to the RSC.

Interest Groups are member driven and each group is devoted to a specific area or application of the chemical sciences. In addition to arranging scientific meetings, several Interest Groups produce their own newsletters and many provide bursaries to help students attend conferences.

RSC Divisions

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The RSC has 9 divisions.

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Member driven groups enabling you to pursue your specific interests, network and attend conferences and training events

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Interest Groups in Focus

Water Drop

Water Science Forum

The WSF focuses on the application of chemical sciences in water treatment, disposal of wastewater and the impact of these activities on the environment

Water Report

Africa's Water Quality - A Chemical Science Perspective

22 March 2010

Report from the PACN's 'Sustainable Water Conference'