BMCS Hall of Fame and medal

The Hall of Fame is to recognize prominent chemists for outstanding, sustained, contributions to any area of interest to the BMCS, eg medicinal chemistry, agriscience, biooorganic chemistry, chemical biology.  

This is an Individual award to recognize  prominence  and  significant, sustained, scientific impact  in the field of medicinal chemistry, agriscience or chemical biology, including teaching excellence, outstanding contributions to the BMCS, or any combination thereof.  

Guidelines / criteria / eligibility

Inductees may be from academic or industrial institutions and there are no age restrictions.

There is no requirement to be an RSC or BMCS member, but inductees should be resident in the continent of Europe, or have spent a considerable proportion of their career there.

Posthumous inductees will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Proposals for inductees should be made by an independent party, ie not from the same institution. The proposer should ensure the potential inductee has knowledge of the proposal, eg by cc them on the email. If this is not the case, the BMCS will ensure the potential inductee is aware and willing to be inducted before confirming their induction.

Winners of the Malcolm Campbell award or the Capps Green Zomaya award are not automatically inducted, and anyone wishing to be considered should follow the standard process.


Independent nominations should include a 1 page synopsis detailing the justification (this would be what  would appear in the HoF website), the candidate‚Äôs CV & publication list. The nomination may be further  bolstered by additional independent letters of support.  

Nominations can be submitted from beginning of March to end of September. Applications will reviewed and inductees and proposers will be made aware of the outcome by mid-December.  


The inductee will be listed on BMCS Hall of Fame website with a short synopsis of their scientific achievements.

A medal and certificate will be presented to the new inductee at a suitable BMCS conference, with attendance and travel covered. Inductees will be expected to give a talk at the conference they receive their award.

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