26 September 2013 
This was the second Agriscience meeting organised by BMCS.


Professor Lin Field
Rothamsted Research
Understanding how insecticides interact with their targets and how resistance mutations affect the interactions

Professor Steven Kelly
Swansea University
Azole fungicide mode of action and resistance

Dr Harry Strek
Bayer CropScience
Herbicide resistance and its consequences for agriculture and the agrochemical industry

Professor Matthias Hahn
University of Kaiserslautern
Fungicide resistance mutations, genetic diversity and seasonal dynamics of Botrytis field populations

Dr Gabriel Scalliet
Deciphering fungicide resistance mechanisms in phytopathogenic fungi: Towards an early assessment of resistance risk in new active ingredient research

Dr Ralf Nauen
Bayer CropScience
Diamide insecticides selectively addressing insect ryanodine receptors: Challenges for a new mode of action in resistance management 

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