CERG Lectures

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Research into Practice - Practice into Research
David Read (University of Southampton), 2015
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Podcasting in chemistry education
Ingo Eilks (University of Bremen, Germany), 2011
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Broadening our base or diminishing our depth? Evaluating new routes into school chemistry education
Jane Essex (Department of Education, Keele University), 2009
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Sustainable Chemistry Education - how can experiences from context-bases learning be transferred from school to university education?
Ilka Parchman (University of Oldenburg, Germany), 2008
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Problem Solving - Strategies, Solutions and Success
Tina Overton (Physical Sciences Centre, University of Hull), 2007
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Bringing Chemistry to Life
Dr Vanessa Kind (University of Durham), 2005
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Chemical Education, Research, Practice, Innovation, Evaluation and Scholarship
Paul Yates (Keele University), 2004
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Globalisation in Chemistry Education Research and Practice: Necessity or Utopian Dream?
Georgios Tsaparlis (University of Ioannina), 2002
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Teachers’ Continuing Learning of Chemistry: implications for pedagogy
Alan Goodwin (Manchester Metropolitan University), September 2001
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Molar and molecular conceptions of research into learning chemistry: towards a synthesis
Dr Keith S Taber (University of Cambridge), September 2000
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Chemed research - where do we go from here?
Prof. Alex H Johnstone (Centre for Science Education, University of Glasgow), September 1999
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Crossing the Borders: chemical education research and classroom practice
Onno de Jong (Utrecht University, The Netherlands), September 1999
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