CBID Annual Meetings

Annual meetings of the Chemistry Biology Interface Division provide an opportunity for representatives from many RSC specialist interest groups and other interested parties to assemble and discuss important issues and set priorities for the coming year.

The meetings offer the wider chemistry community a chance to come and hear about recent CBID activities, and explore new ways to work together in the future.

Past Meetings

RSC Chemistry Biology Interface Forum Annual Meeting 2009

In May 2009, the Chemistry Biology Interface Forum (CBiF) met for their Annual Meeting at the RSC in Burlington House, London.

RSC Chemistry Biology Forum Annual Meeting 2007 Report

In September 2007, the Chemistry Biology Interface Forum, (CBiF) met for the second Annual Meeting in Burlington House London.

RSC Chemical Biology Forum Annual Meeting 2006 Report

The Chemical Biology Interface Forum, (CBiF) met for their first Annual Meeting Burlington House, London 6 October 2006