Energy Storage

These pages give an overview of a project on energy storage research, an important field for supporting the development of renewable energy. 

According to the King Review, it is essential to invest in renewable electricity generation technologies as well as technologies that allow the decarbonisation of transport. The realisation of both aims relies on the development of energy storage devices. However, there are still major technical challenges to be met that will require research into new areas of science, in particular chemistry.

Renewable Energy

The ambitious push for renewable electricity generation is problematic since natural energy sources, such as the sun and wind, cannot be controlled, so the peak of supply may not coincide with the peak of demand. In order to sustain a continuous supply of energy, energy needs to be stored at times of high generation for release at times of high demand. 

Decarbonisation of Transport

The King review concluded that in the long-term by 2050, almost complete decarbonisation of road transport should be achieved in the developed world. One way of achieving this would be the electrification of transport which requires energy storage.

Find out more about how the RSC has supported energy storage research below.

Steering group on energy storage

In light of these challenges the RSC has formed a European-wide steering group on energy storage.

Technical Roadmaps

These roadmaps highlight the key issues and suggest milestones which need to be reached in order for the target to be realised.

Steering Group Findings

Funding, promotion of a European centre of excellence and collaborate with SusChem and other societies to influence European funding

Energy Storage Technologies

The most promising technologies for energy storage are batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells.


Energy Storage Terms

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