Past Winners

Past winners of the MedImmune Protein and Peptide Science Group Award.

2013 Award Winner - Dr Ed Tate

Dr Ed Tate, Imperial College London
Dr Ed Tate, Imperial College London

The Protein and Peptide Science Group (PPSG) is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2013 Medimmune Protein and Peptide Science Award is Dr Edward Tate, Imperial College, London.

In recent years Dr Ed Tate has made a significant contribution to chemical approaches for understanding protein post translational modification, the study of protein-protein interaction inhibitors and the chemical proteomic de novo discovery and validation of drug targets.

Dr Ed Tate will receive his award, and give the Pleanary Lecture, at the PPSG Early Stage Researcher Meeting in the autumn 2013.

2011 Award Winner - Professor Derek Woolfson

MedImmune’s Dr Lutz Jermutus, Senior Director, R&D, and Global Head, Technology, based at Cambridge and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), was honoured to be asked to present the 2011 Award at the 2011 PPSG Early Stage Researcher Meeting, organised by Dr Alethea Tabor (UCL) at Burlington House in Central London on 8 November 2011.

Dr Lutz Jermutus presenting the 2011 Award to Professor Derek Woolfson

Dr Lutz Jermutus presenting the 2011 Award to Professor Derek Woolfson

The award was made to Professor Derek Woolfson, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Bristol, UK, in respect of his research group’s outstanding work  in understanding the rules that govern peptide and protein folding and self-assembly, and their application in nanotechnology and therapy. 

Professor Robin Leatherbarrow of Imperial College London, the Chair of the PPSG, said: “The Committee of the PPSG in making this award were impressed by the work of Professor Woolfson and his research group on a number of counts. Most significantly the Committee members were impressed by the potential applications in bio-nanotechnology, and also by their use in aiding understanding of disease states caused by mis-folded proteins.” 

Dr Lutz Jermutus, presenting the award on behalf of MedImmune, said: “Professor Woolfson’s research, both within the Bristol Research Group and in collaboration with others, has produced significant discoveries and a number of very high-profile publications in just a few years. Through this award, MedImmune is proud to be recognising achievement of the very highest level in the field of protein and peptide science.” 

Receiving the award, Dr Woolfson, said: “I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of all those involved in our work at the University of Bristol and previously at the University of Sussex. In particular, I am pleased that the Royal Society of Chemistry, with its interdisciplinary approach and strong focus on the practical applications of molecular science in chemistry, biology, and medicine, has chosen to recognise our work in this way.”