Role of Secretary in Member networks committees

  • Must be a member of the RSC
  • To be the main contact between the group and RSC staff
  • To communicate to relevant committee members information received from RSC staff and other member networks
  • To keep copies of all committee minutes, AGM minutes etc as a record and pass these on to the incoming Secretary ( the records can be electronic) and to send copies to the Networks Team when circulated to the committee. 
  • To ensure that committee membership information and activities are communicated to RSC staff
  • To ensure that the other RSC Networks are informed of a proposed scientific meeting or activity in order to assist with collaboration and promotion where appropriate
  • Usually the main scribe for committee minutes for the group, although duties may be allocated to other members of the committee
  • To send out all invitations and agenda for committee meetings and Annual General Meetings (where held)
  • To ensure an appropriate Risk Assessment for all meetings is carried out – failure to complete a suitable risk assessment can render the RSC liability insurance void; risk assessment forms and instructions for their completion are available online.
  • To prepare an annual report  on activities of the group during the past year, which is then sent to the RSC and placed on the appropriate web page
  • Usually involved in signing cheques; two signatures are required, that of Chair and either Secretary or Treasurer
  • To ensure that the group is compliant with the Data Protection Act and the RSC Data Protection Rules
  • To ensure that the group’s web pages are up to date in consultation with RSC staff

Risk Assessment for RSC events

A risk assessment form must be filled out for every event organised by the RSC. All forms are available for download along with examples of Red Risk Assessment Forms .

Contact and Further Information

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