International Activities

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During the last few years the RSC has become increasingly active internationally, with conferences, workshops, an expanding international publishing business and growing global membership.

Our associations with leading chemical societies around the world places us at the heart of a global network of 300,000 chemical scientists. 

In addition, our partnerships with international companies helps us support knowledge sharing and best practice around the world.

Where we are active

RSC International Activities

Pan Africa Chemistry Network

Pan Africa Chemistry Network

An innovative approach to working with the science community in Africa.

RSC Partnerships

RSC International Partners

We have recently signed International Cooperation Agreements with some of the world’s leading chemical societies

Richard Pike, CEO of the RSC

International Forthcoming Events

Details of international RSC conferences and events


International Sections

The RSC promotes the chemical sciences and supports members worldwide

RSC reps

RSC International Representatives

Information on the RSC International Representatives and how you can get involved