John's Jokes

John Oversby

Everybody loves a good old Chemistry Joke (not least Thames Valley Committee's John Oversby!)

This page will be updated periodically so as not to overwhelm you with cringe-worthy Chemistry Jokes - the world has only so many tumble weeds. Enjoy!




Why does Scandium only have one oxidation number?

Because if it had two - it would be Scandalous!


Two elements were chatting - one said to the other "What did the doctor say to the undertaker?"

"I helium and you barium!"


On the anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne, a chemist asked "uranium"...

..."and she said "until I die!".


Which element would make a bad teacher?


Chemistry questions for dummies

1)  Where is sea salt found?

2)  Who invented the Haber process?

3)  What kind of chemical is hydrochloric acid?

4)  In what physical state is carbon dioxide gas?

5)  What elements are in hydrogen oxide?