You need to start planning lectures about three months in advance as speakers can get booked up very early. To avoid confusion, only have one person who makes all the contact with the speaker. 

You may also want to leave a telephone number in the department where they can contact you. When contacting the speaker give them as many details as you can about the talk including:

  • the location and time of the talk
  • the length of the talk and whether they are willing to take questions
  • what facilities will be available
  • what expenses you will be able to afford (they may waive these)       

Send out a reminder and a map about 2 weeks beforehand. 

On the day ensure the room is set up, the equipment is working and that there is someone to meet the speaker. 

The Chair may want to open the proceedings by introducing the speaker, and bring the proceedings to a close, particularly if the speaker is exceeding the specified time. 

Don't forget to thank the speaker, you may want to take them out for a meal and also send them a letter of thanks.