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Applying for QP eligibility

The RSC, the Society of Biology and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (the Joint Professional Bodies) assess applicants for QP eligibility. You should apply through your own professional body.

If you are not an RSC member, you can find the requirements for joining on the membership section of the website.

Open the files for a description of the application process and all the documents you need to make an application. If you have more questions you should contact the QP Officer of your own professional body.

A new version of the application documents was issued on 4 February 2013.  A revised version of the Guidance Notes with changes for RPS applicants only was issued on 24 June 2013.

Fees: the fees for QP application are: category A (Permanent provisions) 600; categories B, C, D and E (Transitional provisions) 200.

Qualified Person Training Course Providers

Contacts for further information on QP training courses

Downloadable Files

Frequently Asked Questions
Download the FAQs for Qualified Persons
PDF iconPDF (29k)  

Study Guide
The body of knowledge which will be assessed
PDF iconPDF (119k)  

QP Guidance Notes for Applicants and Sponsors
To help you with your application
PDF iconPDF (108k)  

Application Form
Applying for assessment
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Sponsor Form
Your application must include support from your sponsor
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Code of Practice
All QPs are subject to a Code of Practice
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PDF files require Link icon Adobe Acrobat Reader