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Issue 7

Research Highlights

Amazing resilience of toxic crocs

Crocodiles' hormones stay perfectly balanced even after repeated exposure to pesticides, according to researchers in Japan.

Ruthenium anticancer debate resolved

Disagreement over the anticancer action of ruthenium versus platinum complexes has been settled, claim chemists in Switzerland.

Caution urged over combustible ionic liquids

Leading scientists call for more care to be taken when handling ionic liquids in the laboratory following combustibility testing.

Gold-plated nanodiamonds

Gold-plated nanodiamonds could combine the characteristics of gold and diamond to give unique physico-chemical properties, according to a computational chemist.

Radiation-proof solvents for the nuclear industry

Ionic liquids can withstand high doses of gamma radiation, and could be used to process nuclear fuels, say chemists in France.

New stamping ground for DNA arrays

DNA microarrays for detecting genetic diseases will be easier and cheaper to produce thanks to scientists in the US.

Chemists have molecules all locked up

Researchers in France have made an interlocked network of molecules that they say brings complex molecular machines a step closer.

Sacrificial surfaces give up their iron

Active solid-metal surfaces offer a new route to multi-nuclear mixed metal complexes, claim scientists in Finland.

Solubility switching of carbon nanotubes

Researchers in China have discovered a way to change the solubility of carbon nanotubes, creating diverse biological applications.

Artifact-free peptide screening

Scientists in Japan have discovered a way to eliminate the false positives that can occur when using high-throughput screening methods.

The future of refrigerator magnets

Rare earth compounds could be used in environmentally-friendly magnetic refrigerators, according to a leading US scientist.

Halogen-bonded liquid crystals

Chemists in the UK and Italy have made halogen-bonded liquid crystals that they say have an unusually disordered structure.

Molecular cages force unexpected interactions

Molecules confined in a coordination cage show unusual physical behaviour, claim researchers in Japan.

Shedding light on molecular memory devices

Scientists have developed an information storage method that could be used in memory devices for computers and digital cameras.

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Titrations without calibrations

Researchers in the US have developed a semi-automated method to generate ions for calibration-free titrations.

Essential Elements

250 good reasons to keep on reading

Journal of Materials Chemistry celebrates its 250th issue later this month.

PCCP-going weekly, thinking nano

Over the coming months PCCP will publish a timely series of themed issues on nanoscience and nanotechnology.

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