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Issue 9

Research Highlights

New weapons in fight against superbug

Antibacterial compounds, active against the life-threatening superbug MRSA, have been made by UK scientists.

Getting hydrogen storage just right

Hydrogen storage materials can be optimised with magnesium, say researchers in Spain.

Putting the brakes on molecular vehicles

Light triggers the brakes on a biomolecular nanodevice, say scientists in Japan.

Sensor can tell phosphates apart

Molecular sensor can spot pyrophosphate anions, say scientists in Australia.

Drug delivery to the eye

Scientists say biodegradable polymer nanoparticles show great promise as drug delivery devices for the eye.

Molecules go hopping mad

Nuclear magnetic resonance has revealed molecules hopping around on the surface of nanoparticles.

Unhindered phosphaalkyne complexes

The first complexes of a sterically unhindered phosphaalkyne have been studied by UK chemists.

Pouring oil on troubled reactions

Olive oil can be used for cheap and clean synthesis of quantum dots, according to scientists in Germany.

Porous silica cleans up air

Porous materials can help tackle air pollution, say scientists in Japan.

Cracking calculations for computational chemists

Combining two kinds of computer calculation means chemists can accurately model reactions like hydrocarbon cracking.

Crystals made to measure

Crystals could be engineered with precisely tailored properties.

Pushing the boundaries of nanoparticle detection

Smaller than ever nanoparticles can be studied using new microscopy methods.

Halides direct self-assembly

The first known examples of square-planar halide complexes containing a main group element have been characterised by chemists in Australia.

Raman identifies unstable species

Scientists in Singapore have used Raman spectroscopy to identify unstable organometallic clusters in solution.

Essential Elements

Sex, love and our chemical nature

A new book published by the RSC, Lust and Love: Is it more than chemistry? examines the age old questions of why people fall in love and what makes people attractive.

Molecular BioSystems in the spotlight

News that the National Library of Medicine has selected Molecular BioSystems, the RSC's chemical biology journal, for indexing and inclusion in their MEDLINE database brought the j...

And finally...

Jeffery Davis, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Maryland, US, is the recipient of the inaugural Chem Soc Rev Lectureship.

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