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Issue 10

Research Highlights

Molecular logic gates open up

Inorganic-organic hybrid nanoparticles make smart switches.

Countering the effects of drug overdose

Porous nanoparticles that soak up drug molecules like a sponge could help to reduce fatalities from overdoses.

Quick reaction times for chemical weapon sensor

A sensor that can rapidly detect the chemical nerve agent Sarin has been developed by US scientists.

Sunscreen's weakness brought to light

When you apply sunscreen you might not be as well protected from the sun as you think, say researchers in Italy.

Waterproof paper on the horizon

Swedish scientists have unveiled a new technique for making waterproof, self-cleaning paper.

Long-lost liquid crystals revisited

Japanese scientists have rediscovered a long-forgotten type of liquid crystal.

No ion too small for porphyrin binding

An analogue of the oxygen-carrying molecule in blood, which contains vanadium rather than iron, could be a promising drug lead.

Interfering metals get blocked out

Eliminating the interfering signals of different metals could lead to better analysis of heavy metals in drinking water.

Flicking the switch on the nanoscale

Nano-sized electrical switches can be turned on and off using light.

Cellulose: the new starch?

Cellulose could be used to make bioethanol.

Cell scaffolds mimic bone marrow

Scientists in the US have recreated the bone marrow environment to study how immune system cells interact.

Encapsulating aromatic oils

Gels that can store and release aromatic oils have been developed by scientists in the US.

Nanopores detect disease biomarkers

Nanopores that mimic the pores in biological membranes could be used to detect the early stages of diseases like cancer.

Detecting DNA damage

Potentially cancer causing changes in DNA structure can be detected by acoustic waves.

Additional Web Content

Particle properties predicted by spectral signals

Studying molecular aggregates could be valuable for disciplines from astrophysics to medicine.

Optical switches move nanophotonics forward

An optical switch for nanophotonic devices has been developed by material scientists in the US.

Essential Elements

A warm reception across the globe

RSC members, authors, referees and readers met at three separate events on three continents in as many weeks, recently.

Chinese medicine ... naturally

The latest issue of Natural Product Reports, guest edited by Professor R X Tan, Nanjing, focuses on 'Natural Product Chemistry in China'.

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