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Issue 12

Research Highlights

Optical sculpture

UK scientists have re-shaped micrometre-sized emulsion droplets using light.

Ionic liquids control pH

An ionic liquid that could be used to control pH in chemical reactions has been developed by scientists in China.

Longest single molecule wire

A single molecule wire, claimed to be the longest yet, has been made by UK scientists.

Open and shut case

Chemical gate controls catalytic reaction inside porous solid.

Detecting designer steroids

Detecting designer steroids used to cheat in horse racing and other sports has been made easier thanks to Australian scientists.

Reactions without walls

Containerless chemistry in levitating droplets of ionic liquids.

Keeping guest molecules in order

Trapping a guest in a corner prevents disorder, according to scientists in Japan.

Submariners can breathe easy

Calling all Beatles fans! You could spend a week on a yellow submarine breathing the same air without suffering any ill effects.

Paint me a computer

Chemists in Poland have constructed logic gates, the 'atoms' of computation, out of well-known pigments.

Solar system's super beginnings

Improvements in samarium detection could tell us more about how the solar system formed.

Let bacteria do the work

Micro-organisms could be employed to make drugs that are too complicated to synthesise chemically, say UK chemists.

Bacteria out to lunch on soil pollutants

Microbes can clean up persistent environmental contaminants.

Do I know you, sugar?

A molecule that can recognise carbohydrates could further the fight against infections.

Giving the red light to cancer cells

A water-soluble dye has all of the properties needed for use in a non-invasive form of cancer treatment, say scientists in Turkey.

Instant Insight

Instant insight: True blue chemistry

Heinz Berke, professor of inorganic chemistry at the University of Zürich, Switzerland, looks at the use of manmade blue and purple pigments by ancient civilizations

Additional Web Content

From methane to methanol

Ionic liquids could be the key to a commercial process for converting natural gas to methanol.

Essential Elements

The latest Lab on a Chip news

Lab on a Chip has been introducing a number of new features in 2006.

Don't miss out on Soft Matter

December marks an important time for Soft Matter, the leading journal on soft matter.

New look for the new year...

Showcasing hot science from RSC journals in Chemical Science, Chemical Technology and Chemical Biology has proved very popular with readers and authors alike.

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