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Issue 3

Research Highlights


Pollen to deliver drugs

30 January 2007

Pollen capsules that can be filled with nanomaterials could be used for drug delivery, say scientists.


Serine: simply sublime

15 February 2007

Researchers in the US have come a step closer to understanding how some of the earliest biochemistry on Earth began.


Spinal injection to cut out surgery

01 February 2007

Microgels could be used to repair damaged spinal discs, say UK scientists.

Phosgene detection

Choking the threat of death by phosgene

08 February 2007

Simple detection of a colourless chemical warfare agent.


Interstellar aromatics

26 January 2007

Rotational spectroscopy could provide definitive proof of aromatic molecules in space.

Planet Earth

A positive side to ozone depletion?

12 February 2007

Ozone depletion is not all bad, say an international team of scientists.

Colony of aspergillus

Microbial school monitors

05 February 2007

Renovating moisture-damaged schools reduces the number of microbes present and can improve pupils' health, according to researchers in Finland.

Immobilisation of molecules on gold electrode

Supramolecular biosensor

21 February 2007

Cuban chemists have made a biosensor to detect the stimulant xanthine, found in drinks such as coffee, tea and cola.


David Clary

Interview: Theoretically speaking

22 February 2007

David Clary talks molecular quantum dynamics with Hilary Crichton

Instant Insight

Self-exploding microcapsules

Instant insight: Delivering the goods

09 February 2007

Stefaan De Smedt and Bruno De Geest of Ghent University, Belgium, weigh up the pros and cons of using polyelectrolyte capsules as drug delivery vehicles

Essential Elements

OBC - celebrating five years

Celebrations are the order of the day for Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (OBC) as it enters a fifth year of publishing.

Our spring 'specials'...

The early months of 2007 see an abundance of special issues from RSC journals.

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A competition launched by RSC Publishing staff, which offered one lucky voter an iPod, closed recently with thousands of votes having been cast.

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