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Issue 5

Instant Insight

Global UV levels

Instant insight: A protective layer

11 April 2007

David Levy explores thin-film coatings that drastically reduce UV damage to materials.


Jim Feast

Interview: A material curiosity

25 April 2007

Jim Feast talks to Alison Stoddart about polymer science of the past, present and future

Research Highlights

A water treatment plant

Antibiotics in wastewater

10 April 2007

Sewage treatments don't remove antibiotics from our wastewater.

Drum of radioactive material

Safer storage of nuclear waste

05 April 2007

Nuclear waste repositories could be safer places thanks to UK chemists.

Combretum caffrum

Sulfurous but selective synthesis

17 April 2007

Making double bonds in a more selective and efficient way could open the door to a family of biologically active natural products.


Forgers beware

24 April 2007

US scientists have developed a non-destructive method to detect possible forged documents.

Schematic diagram showing that bent molecules form nanospheres or nanowires, while straight ones make nanocubes

Forming clusters with open arms

02 April 2007

Rationally designed smart nanomaterials could be a step closer thanks to Chinese chemists.

Metal-organic framework structure

Molecular shrink wrapping

13 April 2007

A new family of porous metal-organic frameworks with flexible ligands has been created by UK scientists.

Lightbulbs and organic light-emitting diodes

A 'green' light for the future?

19 April 2007

The days of the traditional incandescent lightbulb may be numbered.

Structure of a quinoxaline-oligothiophene copolymer

Exciting finding for conjugated copolymers

04 April 2007

Semiconducting polymers show some inexplicable behaviour.

Structure of an iridium complex stabilised by a dichloroethane molecule

Catalytic complexity

23 April 2007

UK chemists have isolated an unusual type of solvent complex that might play a crucial role as an intermediate in catalytic reactions.

Essential Elements

Another successful ACS meeting

The RSC enjoyed a busy and exciting ACS spring meeting in Chicago.

Bringing Biology in Focus

Scientists with an interest in specific topics at the chemistry-biology interface can easily find relevant research articles from across RSC journals, thanks to Biology in Focus.

And finally...

The highly successful Biomolecular Sciences Book Series now includes seven titles that provide an authoritative insight to research at the chemistry-biology interface.

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