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Issue 6

Instant Insight

Diving under ice

Instant insight: In from the cold

03 May 2007

Bill Baker extols the virtues of cold-water marine natural products and considers their future prospects.


Ashwini Nangia

Interview: The crystal ball game

24 May 2007

Is polymorphism crystal clear? Nicola Nugent asks Ashwini Nangia.

Research Highlights

A molecule of cocaine superimposed on a glass of water

Something in the water

18 May 2007

How much cocaine is going up Dublin's nose? The answer lies in the output from the city's wastewater treatment plants.

Mauveine dye

Revealing the mysteries of mauve

01 May 2007

Two new compounds have been identified in an original sample of Perkin's mauveine dye.

Structure of prodigiosin mimics, bound to chloride ions

Double ion carriers offer drug lead

14 May 2007

Synthetic molecules that can simultaneously transport two different ions across a membrane could lead to a new class of drugs.

Artificial membrane pore

Pores for thought

02 May 2007

Researchers in Switzerland have made artificial membrane pores that can recognise nucleotides.

Macrocyclic ligand structure

New cancer therapy within reach

22 May 2007

Radiopharmacueticals reach their target with shorter arms.

A bomb superimposed with the chemical symbol for Silicon

Nanobombs away!

04 May 2007

A porous silicon nanobomb that heats up with near-infrared irradiation could cause cancer cells in the body to explode.

3D microstructure

Fluid approach to 3D microstructures

10 May 2007

US scientists have developed a cheaper and quicker way of making three-dimensional microstructures.

Structure of theoretical one-dimensional nanostrips

Golden glue

29 May 2007

Theoretical chemists predict that gold atoms could serve as a versatile glue to stick molecules together.

Structure of the cruciform


25 May 2007

Cross-shaped molecules can sense amines.

Schematic illustration of the formation of gold-silica nanocomposites

Growing particles from the inside out

16 May 2007

Gold particles have been grown inside silica nanoshells in an inside out approach to synthesis.

Car exhaust fumes

Metal centre holds key to gas reduction

15 May 2007

Removal of nitrogen oxides from car exhaust fumes continues to be a challenge for environmental scientists.

Selenium microstructures

Selenium flowers and walnuts

09 May 2007

Flowers and walnuts are just some of the shapes scientists in China have made in a technique developed for making selenium microstructures.

Amino acids in space

More sublime still?

08 May 2007

Serine isn't alone in its sublimation behaviour.

Essential Elements

Pioneering RSC work on RSS feeds

RSC Publishing enhances RSS feeds with structured subject and compound information.

Books on chemistry in industry

The highly successful Biomolecular Sciences Book Series now includes seven titles that provide an authoritative insight to research at the chemistry-biology interface.

Article breaks new ground

Research from across four institutions, in two countries, and involving eight researchers has become the first RSC Open Science paper.

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