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Issue 9

Instant Insight

A scanning electron microscope close-up of a lotus leaf

Instant insight: The rough with the smooth

10 August 2007

Xue-Mei Li and Mercedes Crego-Calama share their view on how roughness influences surface wettability.


Bob Grubbs

Interview: A catalytic lifetime

20 August 2007

Bob Grubbs talks to Alison Stoddart about the beginnings of organometallic chemistry and his search for the next catalyst

Research Highlights

Infrared laser pulses

Hands-on chiral switching

23 August 2007

Scientists are a step closer to the precise control of chirality at the molecular level thanks to a quantum chemical study.


Polluted penguin poop

30 July 2007

Penguin guano in the Antarctic is adding to organic pollutant problems there, say Belgian scientists.

Nickel hydoxide crystals

Window into nanospace could boost batteries

08 August 2007

Investigating how nickel hydroxide crystals grow in nanospace could lead to improved performance of rechargeable batteries, say scientists in Japan.

Trypanosoma cruzi

Cure for Chagas' disease a step closer

03 August 2007

Combining chemical and enzymatic approaches brings promise of a cure for a debilitating parasitic disease.

Carbon nanotube scaffold

Latest biomaterials offer fuel cell hope

06 August 2007

Carbon nanotube scaffolds that can support bacterial cells could be used as electrodes in microbial fuel cells.


Enzyme activity at the flick of a switch

14 August 2007

A switchable bioelectronic system can catalyse the transformation of alcohols to aldehydes 'on demand'.

Chitosan fibres

Moulding scaffolds for cartilage growth

21 August 2007

Rubber moulds have been used to shape a fibrous scaffold for growing replacement cartilage.

Porous polymer scaffold

Temperature responsive cell scaffolding

02 August 2007

A porous polymer scaffold for tissue engineering, which has tuneable cell adhesion, has been developed by Swedish and Belgian scientists.

Bodipy dye

Deeply Bodipy

16 August 2007

An unusually stable dye based on the well-known Bodipy structure could find use in anti-forgery systems.

A spinning top

Radicals in a spin

28 August 2007

Selenium-based radicals show unusually high magnetic ordering temperatures.

Essential Elements

Five fast and first-rate years

As celebrations for the 5th year of publishing for Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (OBC) continue, RSC Publishing staff have been reflecting on the activities and successes.

Packed with energy

Issue 30 of Journal of Materials Chemistry hosts a theme issue dedicated to New Energy Materials.

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