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Issue 5

Instant Insight

A fullerene inside a larger fullerene

Instant insight: Nano-forms of carbon

03 April 2008

Juan Luis Delgado, María Ángeles Herranz and Nazario Martín explore the cutting-edge in nanostructures made from carbon


Kenso Soai

Interview: In the beginning...

31 March 2008

Kenso Soai and Joanne Thomson discuss the origin of chirality in life

Research Highlights

A glass of rice milk

Arsenic exposure from rice milk

19 March 2008

Researchers have found that levels of arsenic in rice milk exceed EU and US drinking water standards

outer space

Solving the mystery of bad smells for outer space

08 April 2008

Researchers in Sweden have solved a space mystery

Microchip close-up

3D chips assess drug viability

11 April 2008

Scientists in Germany have developed a new 3D chip for the rapid and cheap assessment of potential anticancer drugs.

Man wearing protective suit

Cleaning up after nerve agents

28 March 2008

Destruction of nerve agents through a simple chemical reaction could help remove chemical weapon stockpiles and clean contaminated materials.


Strength in nanoworms

28 March 2008

Scientists in the US have mimicked the structure of bird nests to overcome the extreme fragility of highly insulating aerogels

Coloured spheres in front of periodic table

Refining atomic radii

07 April 2008

A new set of covalent radii fills gaps and inconsistencies

dots from TEM image

Zooming in on nanoparticles' defects

19 March 2008

Materials scientists obtain new insight into the defects of nanoparticles

water filter

Filtering out bioterrorists

22 April 2008

US scientists have taken a step towards using water filters to help detect biological agents released into domestic water supplies.

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