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Issue 7

Instant Insight

protein secondary structures

Instant insight: Cooperating catalysts

09 May 2008

Mark Davis explains why catalysts need to learn to cooperate in order to compete with nature


Mike Green

Interview: Green by name, green by nature

28 May 2008

Mike Green talks to Sarah Dixon about the role of green chemistry in industry

Research Highlights

tiny hook holding DNA strand

Miniaturised sewing machines

23 June 2008

Single threads of DNA can now be manipulated using miniaturised hooks and bobbins, thanks to Japanese scientists

6 stereocentres marked on structure

Absolute control of stereochemistry

09 June 2008

The one-step synthesis using an organocatalyst to control six chiral centres in a single molecule has been reported by Danish chemists.

lego duplo blocks

Molecular Lego turns green

23 June 2008

An environmentally-friendly method for connecting together the molecular building blocks

bars of chocolate

Chocolate's sweet secrets

09 June 2008

Studying microstructural changes in chocolate could help confectioners stop that shiny surface from turning an unappetising dull grey

beads bound to crystals

A joint effort

12 May 2008

Easy separation method allows study of arthritis and related diseases

reaction scheme

Livening up lactates

14 May 2008

Thai scientists have devised a faster, environmentally-friendly route to alkyl lactates

virus capsid

Viruses incubate nanoparticles

04 June 2008

US scientists demonstrate how viruses can be used to make titania nanoparticles of fixed shapes and sizes.

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