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Issue 8

Instant Insight

colourless solution in test tube

Instant insight: Reducing the waste

24 June 2008

Tomislav Pintauer and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski reveal the magic ingredient that turns radical reactions 'green'


Mike Doyle

Interview: The chemistry [r]evolution

30 June 2008

Mike Doyle talks to Emma Shiells about evolution in chemistry, from Doyle's catalyst to how water saved the day

Research Highlights


Fluorescent green logic

30 June 2008

Japanese scientists are applying logic to the protein that causes jellyfish to fluoresce green

keypad lock

Molecular data protection

01 July 2008

Scientists in India have found the key to protecting information at a molecular level

structure of carbene complex

Double the metal

17 June 2008

An unusual dimagnesium-carbene complex could make a useful new catalyst, claim UK chemists

car tyres with ammonia borane axle

Borane leads the way to alternative fuels

02 July 2008

New routes to hydrogen storage materials have been developed by scientists in the US and Singapore

bismuth shotgun pellets

How non-toxic is non-toxic?

09 July 2008

Canadian scientists have studied the effect of 'non-toxic' bismuth shotgun pellets on the environment with thought-provoking results

multifunctional polymer

Multifunctional polymers click together

08 July 2008

Side chains of copolymers can now be clicked into place thanks to a new method developed by Dutch researchers


Natural solutions for malaria

04 July 2008

French researchers have gained a new insight into the mechanism for fighting malaria which could be used to develop low cost drugs.

artificial hip

Strontium strengthens imitation bones

07 July 2008

Strontium offers a new approach to bone replacements, thanks to recent work by French scientists


Model fireworks

10 July 2008

Watching firework displays could be bad for both your health and the environment, claim UK scientists.

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