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Highlights in Chemical Science

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Issue 10

Instant Insight

glass of champagne poured from a bottle

Instant insight: Lovely bubbly

05 September 2008

Gérard Liger-Belair, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France, celebrates what gives champagne its sparkle

man sniffing a glass of red wine

Instant insight: Tasting the chemistry

12 August 2008

Susan Ebeler, University of California, Davis, US, reveals the science behind the flavour in everyone's favourite tipple

Research Highlights

propylene oxide structure

Propylene oxide gets a green makeover

18 August 2008

An industrially important compound is made in a more environmentally conscious way

inorganic naming solution

Getting to grips with complex chirality

14 August 2008

A proposal for defining the chirality of octahedral complexes with chelate ligands has been put forward

Nickel-ruthenium complex

Energy from model enzymes

12 August 2008

Mimicking enzymes with inorganic complexes could offer a new route to catalysing hydrogen fuel cells, claim Japanese scientists.


Sweet smell of success

18 August 2008

German scientists have used an ionic liquid coating on a hydrogenation catalyst to make sweet smelling chemicals

Nickel-ruthenium complex

Designing natural product hybrids with anticancer activity

04 September 2008

A potent hybrid of two anticancer natural products has been designed and synthesised by UK chemists.

explosion hazard symbol

When convection goes without a bang

05 August 2008

UK researchers have been investigating how to predict whether a reacting mixture will explode

planet Titan

A Titan discovery

29 August 2008

European researchers step closer to explaining hydrocarbon formation on Saturn's largest moon.

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

Engineering success

CrystEngComm celebrated its tenth year of publication on 28 August with a lunch reception held at the International Union of Crystallography in Osaka, Japan

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