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Highlights in Chemical Science

News from across RSC Publishing.

Issue 1

Instant Insight

a catenane

Instant insight: Porphyrins get energetic

27 November 2008

Jean-Pierre Sauvage outlines recent advances in the construction of interlocked molecules inspired by photosynthesis


Rajendra K. Pachauri

Interview: Lighting a billion lives

17 November 2008

Rajendra K Pachauri speaks to Leanne Marle about shedding light on climate change and giving light to humanity

Research Highlights

a photomobile polymer film

Polymers strut their stuff under the spotlight

11 November 2008

Chemists in Japan have created light-driven polymer films that walk like inchworms and move like robotic arms

scanned images of capillary tubes with biomolecules attached internally

Cheaper than chips

03 November 2008

Capillary tubes may offer an inexpensive alternative to on-chip diagnostics, say French scientists.

Tree colours in autumn

Hints behind autumnal tints

31 October 2008

Austrian scientists unravel the secrets behind the dramatic colours of autumn.

TATP structure

Glowing report for explosive detection

14 November 2008

Israeli scientists have developed a sensitive method for detecting an explosive used by terrorists.

mud snail

The tale of the snail

06 November 2008

Gender-switching in mud snails has decreased following a European Union ban on tributyltin

Microporous structure

Crinkly tunnels aid gas storage

02 December 2008

Japanese scientists have found a new type of gas storage based on restraining gas molecules within narrow tunnels

Catalyst structure

Fluorination gets a good reaction

30 October 2008

European chemists have used fluorinated solvents to improve the yields of olefin metathesis reactions

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

Double debut

This month sees the debut of two highly interdisciplinary new journals from RSC Publishing: Integrative Biology and Metallomics

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