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Issue 4

Instant Insight


Instant insight: The growth of nanotoxicology

20 March 2009

Christy Haynes and colleagues from the University of Minnesota, US, look at analytical techniques used to assess nanotechnology's effects on health


Mukund Chorghade

Interview: Creating a new world

12 March 2009

Mukund Chorghade speaks to Elinor Richards about his fascination with natural products and their role in India's future

Research Highlights

Candy Floss

Making capillaries with candy floss

10 March 2009

An artificial vascular system has been made using candy floss as a template

Zebra mussel

Ionic liquids put zebra mussels off their food

27 February 2009

Aquatic organisms' feeding behaviour can be affected by ionic liquids

magnified image of an E. coli biofilm

Fighting MRSA with ionic liquids

06 March 2009

Hospital cleaners may one day use ionic liquids to clean wards

Polyhedral structure

Hydrogen storage steps up a gear

04 March 2009

Improved storage capability takes us one step closer to hydrogen powered cars

plastic and sugar coating of sphere

Polymer's coats multi-task in drug delivery

17 March 2009

Polymer spheres with a sugar coating on the outside and plastic coating on the inside may be better living cell mimics and drug delivery vessels

Tea being poured into cup

Time to put the kettle on?

20 March 2009

Tea leaves produce cancer-fighting gold nanoparticles

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

Announcing two new journals

RSC Publishing has announced the launch of two new monthly journals in autumn 2009, Analytical Methods and Nanoscale

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