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Issue 7

Instant Insight

lightning storm wormhole

Instant insight: Harnessing nano power

11 June 2009

US scientists Andrei Fedorov and Mildred Dresselhaus and their colleagues explain how nanotechnology might solve our energy crisis


Hisashi Yamamoto

Interview: Tactical thinking

04 June 2009

Hisashi Yamamoto is inspired by chess, Buddhism and food. Joanne Thomson finds out more

Research Highlights


Skyscraper approach to nanoelectronics

05 June 2009

Scientists brush up on biofuel cells for powering medical implants

Guar gum

101 uses for guar gum

10 June 2009

A gum normally used as a food thickening agent could be used to make temperature sensors

carbon nanotube

Sorting out carbon nanotubes

17 June 2009

Mixtures of useful nanotubes can be separated without destroying either type


A good egg

27 May 2009

Scientists unravel the mysteries of protein folding with a cookery experiment

modified gold electrode

A golden result for TB diagnosis

19 June 2009

South African scientists have devised an electrochemical technique that could provide a quick and easy diagnosis of tuberculosis

HPLC apparatus

The case for using green solvents in HPLC

15 June 2009

Greening up HPLC doesn't necessarily mean diminished performance, say US scientists

graphene sheet

The worm turns - into graphene

29 May 2009

Chinese scientists have found a new route to high-quality graphene sheets for making flexible electronics

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