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Issue 9


Guy Bertrand

Interview: Bending the rules

18 August 2009

Guy Bertrand talks to Marie Cote about creating dream compounds, tennis and setting up international labs

Research Highlights

3D bisphosphonate molecule with radioactive symbol background

Image is everything

03 August 2009

Dual function agents lead to more control over radiopharmaceutical doses for cancer patients


Dyes get the green, and red, light

07 August 2009

A seesaw helped scientists to discover dual fluorescent dyes

uranium complex

Uranium chemistry: the final frontier

13 August 2009

Scientists have made new uranium compounds for the future of nuclear power

Water droplets on a lotus leaf

Superhydrophobicity saves scalding

14 July 2009

Clothes could repel hot water with a Teflon-carbon nanotube composite coating

scaffold for tissue engineering

Ice gels take the heat

24 July 2009

Scientists have made a non-toxic scaffold for stem cell tissue engineering

3D molecule on logic gate background

A logical extension

17 August 2009

Scientists have simplified DNA logic gates to detect biomarkers

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

IUPAC 2009

The RSC hosted the 42nd IUPAC Congress at the SECC, Glasgow, UK

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