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Highlights in Chemical Science

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Issue 10

Instant Insight


Instant insight: Understanding our food

04 September 2009

Monika Pischetsrieder and Rainer Baeuerlein look at how the safety of GM food can be assured


Philip Mountford

Interview: Riding high

16 September 2009

Philip Mountford on jockeying, bribing techniques and the challenges ahead for chemistry

Research Highlights

smile and teeth

Enamel regeneration makes scientists smile

25 August 2009

Chinese researchers are a step closer to being able to regrow tooth enamel in the mouth.


First aid for electronics

02 September 2009

A first aid kit for electrical systems could stop circuits failing and lead to safer, longer lasting batteries.

carbon nanotubes

How safe are carbon nanotubes?

09 September 2009

Small amounts of metal impurities in carbon nanotubes can have a large effect on their toxicity

tightly-coiled helical nanostructures

Twist of fate for two-to-one assemblies

28 August 2009

Unique nanospiral structures could be useful for miniaturising optoelectronics

test tube with grains

Essential elements from cereals

26 August 2009

Just how much iron and zinc do you get from your breakfast? Scientists in Denmark have been looking for the answer.

cartoon of XPS

Spectra issues dissolve in ionic liquids

10 September 2009

An electrochemical reaction can be followed as it happens inside a spectrometer

Supramolecular tripodal receptor

Fluorines make hydrogen bonds

15 September 2009

A supramolecular receptor shows that fluorine compounds can form hydrogen bonds

Essential Elements

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New Journal Chemical Science

In 2010 a new journal - Chemical Science - will join the RSC portfolio

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