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Highlights in Chemical Science

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Issue 1


John Beddington

Interview: Setting the climate control

03 December 2009

John Beddington discusses science, politics and the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen

Research Highlights

PdO nanoparticles on titania

Disinfecting in the dark

04 December 2009

A unique memory effect enables photocatalysts to continue to kill bacteria after the lights go out

Fractal pattern

Pretty peptide patterns

20 November 2009

The smallest building blocks to date have been used to make fractal patterns


Nanotubes form spontaneously in solution

23 December 2009

Covalent control of nanotubes formed from polypeptide fragments discovered by Indian scientists


Water pollution higher than calculated

26 November 2009

Flawed data on the amount of organic pollutants in raw sewage is being used by environmental policy makers, claim US scientists

Plumbago zeylanica

Natural remedy shows anticancer activity

26 November 2009

Copper complexes of the traditional Chinese remedy plumbagin show enhanced anticancer activity, say Chinese scientists.


Floating colloid carpets

15 December 2009

UK scientists create a two dimensional colloid that can float above a surface

Microvascular network

Self-healing networks mimic nature

22 December 2009

Organic inks draw a positive picture for the future of tissue engineering

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

Celebrating materials science

22 December 2009

Materials journals showcased by RSC Publishing staff at the MRS 2009 fall meeting

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