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Issue 2


Polly Arnold

Interview: Unleashing Uranium

28 January 2010

Polly Arnold talks about Pac-man molecules, f-block chemistry and the countryside

Research Highlights

Blue sea mussels

Use mussels to look younger

05 January 2010

An amino acid found in mussels makes a biocompatible hydrogel for tissue engineering and wrinkle filling.

Tetracarboxylate isomers

Symmetry springs a surprise

12 January 2010

Chemists discover two isomers with identical symmetry but different properties

Cosmetic electrochemistry

Cosmetic electrochemistry

20 January 2010

A cosmetic product lends a hand in fabricating microelectrode sensors

Glass of water in sun

Photocatalyst sees the light

11 January 2010

Energy saving bismuth photocatalyst works under visible light

Organic reaction

Magnetic iron nanocatalysts

18 January 2010

Unmodified iron nanoparticles make efficient catalysts for C-C bond forming reactions

Helical organisation

Tune in for sensitive explosive detection

14 January 2010

A fluorescent organic molecule can be tuned to provide sensitive detection of explosive vapours

Star-shaped polymers

Self-healing polymers prolong lubricant lifetime

28 January 2010

UK scientists have created polymers that can repair themselves and could maintain the physical properties of oils for longer

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

Launch of new beta platform

01 February 2010

In early February, RSC Publishing will launch a new integrated content delivery platform

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