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Issue 4

Instant Insight

Searching for ionic liquids

Instant insight: Searching for greener ionic liquids

06 April 2010

Nicola Wood and Gill Stephens discuss the methods available for testing and predicting toxicity in ionic liquids.


Luis Oro

Interview: Reaching for the summit

17 March 2010

Luis Oro talks about his passions for chemistry, the environment and climbing mountains

Research Highlights


Solvents switch in and out of water

15 March 2010

Solvents that change their hydrophilicity on addition and removal of carbon dioxide could help make chemistry better for the environment

Charred polyurethane foam

Novel foams reduce fire risk

08 March 2010

Treating soft furnishings with toxic flame-retardants could be avoided in the future thanks to a new non-flammable polymer developed by US scientists

Car in wind tunnel

Dual sensing spray-on wash-off paints

18 March 2010

A water-based fluorescent paint simultaneously images pressure and temperature distribution on aeroplanes and cars

Bending azobenzene fibres

Polarised light sends fibres in a new direction

05 March 2010

Japanese scientists have developed a photochromic molecular fibre that can be bent in different directions using polarised light

Lotus leaf

Soapy solution for scratched surfaces

10 March 2010

Chinese scientists have developed a superhydrophobic coating that can be repaired by treating the surface with a potassium stearate solution


Chemoselectivity goes with the flow

17 March 2010

Japanese researchers have devised a flow microreactor to control the chemoselectivity of synthetic organic reactions

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

First Chemical Science article online

06 April 2010

The first Chemical Science article is now freely available online.

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