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Issue 6

Instant Insight

Dust grains in space

Instant insight: Cosmic dust as chemical factories

01 June 2010

Daren Caruana and Katherine Holt discuss how electrochemistry could be the missing link to understanding chemistry in space


Guo-Xin Jin

Interview: Fundamental chemistry is key

17 May 2010

Guo-Xin Jin on chemistry in China and the importance of fundamental research

Research Highlights

Carboxylic acid ligands around uranium

Setting traps for uranium

21 May 2010

Seawater could provide a source of uranium for nuclear reactors

Spice herbal product

Spicing up drug screening

13 May 2010

A method for quick identification of potential illegal components in commercial herbal products has been developed by UK scientists

Sea sponge

Three steps to potential anticancer drugs

21 May 2010

Shortcut speeds up synthesis of natural marine sponge product

Nanoparticle capsules

Smart drug delivery via thermo-triggered squirting

27 April 2010

Chinese researchers have developed a method for delivering nanoparticles to a specific site of action using temperature-triggered squirting

Merocyanine dye fluorescent image

Copper detection in cells

12 May 2010

A dye that can be used to detect copper in living cells could be used to help avoid medical problems such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease


Jet fuels from biomass

27 April 2010

Biomass-derived fuels take a step closer to solving the energy problem thanks to a new process developed by US scientists

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

Top names choose Chemical Science

01 June 2010

What connects Michael Ashfold, Stephen Buchwald, Seth Cohen, Thomas Kodadek, Kopin Liu, David Parker, Andreas Pfaltz and J. Fraser Stoddart?

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