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Issue 7


Peter Dunn

Interview: Greening up pharmaceutics

30 June 2010

Peter Dunn talks about green chemistry and its role in large pharmaceutical companies

Research Highlights

Supermarket shelves

Sticky situation for food packaging

20 May 2010

Chemicals in adhesives could migrate through packaging into food

lotus leaf

Switchable superhydrophobic surfaces

15 June 2010

A surface that can switch between superhydrophobic and superhydrophillic could have important medical implications

Tilted micropillar array

Sticky materials from bent pillars

25 June 2010

Materials resembling a gecko's hairy feet could lead to smart adhesives or microrobots capable of climbing walls


Blowing bubbles to study eye disease

08 June 2010

Probing the mechanical properties of eye tissue could aid disease diagnosis, claim researchers in the US and Ireland

Liquid marbles

Liquid marbles detect gases

01 June 2010

Scientists use porous properties of liquid marbles to develop gas sensors

Controlling catalytic reactions

Controlling catalytic reactions

11 June 2010

Tiny amounts of catalyst enable high turnover numbers for carbon-carbon bond forming reactions

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

2009 impact factors - the RSC rise continues

01 July 2010

It's quality that really matters at RSC Publishing. And the recently published 2009 Journal Citation Reports prove that our quality is better than ever

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